Eddyfi Technologies and KARL DEUTSCH sign agreements on M2M

Québec, Canada, and Wuppertal, Germany, 16 May 2018

Signing of a distribution agreement

As a world leader in advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection technologies, Eddyfi Technologies is pleased to announce the signature of a distribution agreement with KARL DEUTSCH Prüf- und Messgerätebau GmbH + Co KG.

As per the long-term agreement, KARL DEUTSCH (KD) will distribute the Gekko® and Mantis™ portable advanced phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) instruments made by M2M. These instruments have become, over recent years, the reference in high-end portable PAUT flaw detectors with real-time total focusing method (TFM) for perfect defect imaging. The agreement covers Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, and Russia.

Another agreement was reached concerning the M2M modules for automated PAUT testing machines. KD now has a secure access to Multi™2000 modules (with multiplexed architecture), MultiX™++ modules (with parallel channels), and the upcoming Panther™ with TFM to be integrated into KD PAUT machines world-wide.

The agreement follows the recent acquisition of M2M by Eddyfi Technologies from majority shareholder Tecnatom, and 33%-shareholder KARL DEUTSCH. Dr. Wolfram Deutsch, CEO of KD, says:
“The decision to sell the M2M business was not easy, but it was the right thing to do for the people and clients of M2M. Eddyfi was a natural choice, given that it has no product overlapping with M2M and KD, and they share a similar culture of innovation and R&D, just like M2M. At the same time, advanced technology supply and cooperation agreements between Eddyfi, M2M and KD will allow us a continuous and expanded access to M2M products for our clients and core markets.”

For Martin Theriault, co-founder, CEO, and controlling shareholder of Eddyfi Technologies:
“Eddyfi brings global sales and support, financial strength, and the R&D vision to take M2M and its people to the next level. However, M2M was doing really well in countries such as Germany and Austria with KD as a partner. Maintaining, and even strengthening, the relationship with KD was therefore a key objective for Eddyfi Technologies and its M2M brand. As such, we are delighted to continue the distribution of hot Gekko and new Mantis product by the entire KARL DEUTSCH team.”

About Eddyfi Technologies

Eddyfi Technologies maximizes the potential of multiple advanced NDT inspection technologies. It focuses on offering high-performance NDT solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets through five complementary brands and product lines: Eddyfi, Silverwing, Teletest, TSC, and M2M. Eddyfi Technologies serves customers in more than 80 countries in such major industries as power generation, oil & gas, aerospace, and manufacturing. The group employs more than 320 people, and leverages nine centers of excellence and sales offices worldwide, all staffed by NDT experts.



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