New Specialist Book on Ultrasonic Testing

Wuppertal, Germany, May 11, 2020

New Specialist Book on Ultrasonic Testing

Dr. Werner Roye has been expressing the wish to write a book on ultrasonic testing for some time now and has now taken on this challenging task.
The classic book on the same subject published by KARL DEUTSCH with the authors Prof. Volker Deutsch, Dr. Michael Platte and Manfred Vogt in 1997 was out of print and a comparable book focusing on industrial testing practice was not available. Less formulas and more practice was the credo for the new project. Dr. Roye was able to use many images that had been created during his many years of laboratory work at KARL DEUTSCH. Phased array testing, which has become more important in recent years, takes up a lot of space. Dr. (USA) Wolfram Deutsch focused in detail on automated ultrasonic testing. In addition to many other specialist colleagues, Prof. Volker Deutsch also provided further valuable information in order to complete a well-rounded successful specialist book. The book comprises 230 pages and 355 mostly coloured illustrations and is intended to be an ideal guid for both the beginner and the experienced user. The English version is on the way.




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