New Truck for Wuppertaler Tafel

Wuppertal, Germany, December 14, 2020

New Truck for Wuppertaler Tafel

The Wuppertaler Tafel, a non-profit organisation, ensures that no one in Wuppertal goes hungry. In earlier times, the association used to collect food and pass it on unbureaucratically to those in need. Today, the work of the Wuppertaler Tafel has  become much more diverse and includes, among other things, the serving of three hot meals a day, driving to the “Platte” (outdoor gathering location of homeless people) with the “Sozial- and Medimobil” (a specialized vehicle to take care of social and medical basics), supplying needy people with food in the Tafelladen (a shop selling food at a low price), taking care of children in the “Kindertafel” or providing clothing, household goods and furniture in the “Sozialkaufhaus” (at budget prices). This multitude of tasks is carried out by more than 150 volunteers, more than 50 “Euro Jobbers” (one-euro workfare jobber), 10 full-time employees, two part-time employees, three social workers and about 80 community workers (fulfilling their legally prescribed social hours) per month.
Last year, the Wuppertaler Tafel urgently needed a new truck for the multitude of necessary transports as part of their work. Together with other Wuppertal companies such as Riedel Communications, Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal, the local Mercedes-Benz branch, EDE, Aptiv, HECTAS (Vorwerk Group) and many more, KARL DEUTSCH made the purchase of the new truck possible with a donation of 4,900 EUR.




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